Photo of sunlit kitchen with neutral finishes by Charlotte, NC Interior Photographer Heather Ison Photography




What is my investment?

Interior sessions with HIP start at $1300. I also offer cost-sharing with third parties that can help offset the total cost for everyone. Please fill out the contact form for access to my current half day and full day rates.

What are your services?

Interior photography (interior & exterior), editorial (design and home product), home decor products (rugs, pillows, textiles, artwork, wallpaper, furniture, etc).

What is cost sharing?

Cost-Sharing is a very common practice in interior and architectural photography. It is a great way for all parties involved to receive a discount on the licensing of their images. Check out the Resources tab for more info!

Can I share my photos with others?

Third-party usage is not permitted unless properly licensed. Please see Cost-Sharing FAQ above. Third parties can obtain personal rights to the images by making use of Cost-Sharing prior to the shoot or they can license individual photos through HIP at a per image rate.

Do I own the rights to my images?

All photos are the copyrighted work of the photographer, therefore I retain all rights of the photos. As a client, you are provided with a license to use the photos for things like marketing, media, publishing.

Please note: The license does not give you the rights to sell the images to other parties.

Do you travel?

Yes! I love to travel and would be happy to travel outside of the Charlotte area to help you with your projects. Travel expenses are estimated and discussed before each shoot.

How do I get published?

If there’s intent to publish a project, we would discuss it prior to the shoot so that we can keep specific publications in mind and ensure that the shoot is telling the story that we want to tell / pitch. You and I will make a collaborative effort to create and pitch your project to my media partners for consideration.

Do I need a stylist?

More often than not, I recommend that my clients have a stylist.

Why? Having a stylist brings an extra level to the finished product. When there’s someone there to focus on the styling, I can focus on the photography and you as the designer can be there to make the executive decisions on each shot.

Not sure where to start with choosing a stylist? I have a few trusted partners that I’d be happy to introduce you to!

How far in advance do I need to book?

Please reach out at least 3-4 weeks before you are ready to schedule. The sooner you are able to book, the more availability we have to choose from!

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