Want to know one of the EASIEST things you can do to make your space look great for your interiors shoot?

Clear the clutter! Your objective: Make the space look like no one lives there. This might seem counterintuitive to a photoshoot of a home, but the goal is two-fold:

We want to have someone look at an image and be able to imagine THEMSELVES in the space. 

Don’t take this personally but…we always want to highlight unique features / aspects of the home that tell the home’s story. Having personal items – or other things that might be distracting in the image – out on display can take away from the story that we want that image to tell.

Think: Less is more. 

And, this is where styling comes in. It’s easier for us to add things back in in order to enhance the story of a space vs. spending time taking things out that detract from it. Two of my favorite stylists to work with are Kendra Surface & Ashley Hotham Cox.

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