The Easiest Ways to Prep Your Home for Your Interiors Shoot

As an interiors photographer, I wanted to share a few simple, easy and effective ways to prep your space for your shoot so that the day runs as smoothly as possible!

1. Clear the Clutter.

So much goes into making a room look photo-ready, a large part of that being clearing away the things most of us use daily. Give yourself extra time to start clearing the spaces before your photographer gets there! Don’t forget to snap a photo first so you can put everything back where it was when you are done.

Don't have time? Here are two PRO TIPS:

  1. Using a stylist (see next tip!) as they will bring everything they need to style the space. Rest assured that it's very common for a stylist to remove personal items when staging a shot and that everything will be put back in it's proper place when the shoot is complete (*Bonus, if you need help styling those shelves in your living room usually the stylist will sell you the items she has used for the shoot and leave them there for you - I call this a win-win!)
  2. Hire a cleaning service, encourage your client to hire a cleaner to come in the day before (or at the very least, the week of the shoot) to really ensure that the space is photo-ready.

2. Consider Hiring a Stylist.

If you have considered hiring a stylist for your shoot, DO IT! You will not regret having extra hands, eyes and expertise available and ready to style your projects to perfection. I have recommended stylists that I work with and am always happy to share!

Love styling yourself? Great! I suggest having things like fresh flowers / produce, vases, towels, books, (and more depending on the room).

3. Pack a Shoot Day Kit.

No matter how much you prepare, chances are you could always use something extra. It’s a good idea to start prepping a shoot day kit to bring with you every time.

If you're a client of mine, I've got you covered! I bring my own shoot day kit to every project with things like (furniture sliders, scissors, tape, headache medicine, mini clamps, gaffer tape, magic eraser). Know that you're more than welcome to bring else that would make the shoot more enjoyable for you!

Some other suggested items: Steamer, cleaning supplies, wipes, safety pins, water bottles, snacks!

4. Create a Shot List.

It's always incredibly helpful to your photographer when you come into the shoot with a shot list aka a list of what is most important to you and your project that you want photographed.

If our project is a full-day shoot or a spans multiple days, I highly recommend that we do a walk-through of the home together so that we can come up with a loose shot list.

PRO TIP: Always make time for a break / lunch! This might seem obvious, but it's easy to get swept up in the commotion of the project that taking an intentional break to have lunch or regroup can get overlooked. Having this break built into the schedule not only keeps everyone happy but it goes such a long way with your photographer + stylist when they know you're anticipating their most basic needs. : )

5. Have FUN!

Photoshoot days are meant to be productive, intentional and strategic but they are also meant to be FUN and creative!

Come ready to be hands on, collaborative and enjoy yourself.