Let's chat about Cost-Sharing.

Cost-Sharing is something that comes up a lot with my clients and in the world of interior/architectural photography. But what exactly is it?

What is Cost-Sharing?

Cost-sharing is when multiple parties (you, the client + any additional vendors you work on a project with) decide to hire a service provider (me, the photographer) together and split the cost. It's an opportunity for you to save money by bringing in third parties who have also worked on the project with you (IE builders, suppliers) to split the cost of the project up-front.

A cost-sharing agreement is always arranged before the shoot happens, so the the more parties who join up front, the more money you save.

How does Cost-Sharing Work?

The way Cost-Sharing works is that a licensing fee is added for all parties who agree to cost-sharing in advance of the shoot, and the total invoice is divided equally among all parties, which equals significant savings for each client involved. Here, we'll break it down:

Let's say you're an interior designer and you have a shoot that you've hired me for (yay!). You know before our project begins that you have a builder and a cabinet company who would want the images of the project and invite them to cost-share the project with you. They agree and for all of you to be able to use the final images, the licensing fee for each party is added to your total bill and the entire invoice is now split evenly amongst you, the builder and the cabinetry company. You just went from having to foot the entire bill to saving significantly on a project you were already paying for.

Why would I want to use Cost-Sharing?

It's advantageous to share the project up-front for two reasons:

  1. You as the initial party are getting a discount for a project that you're already paying for.
  2. It saves additional parties money by being part of the project before it happens vs. purchasing the final images at a higher rate after the project is complete.

Who could I resource for Cost-Sharing my project?

Anyone that you work on a project with and who you believe would be interested in having access to legally use the images: Interior Designers, Architects, builders, furniture vendors, material vendors, suppliers, sub-contractors, etc.

What if someone wants to Cost-Share a project after-the-fact?

I do not allow third parties to come in and cost share after a project is complete. Why? Out of respect for you as my client. You assumed all of the risk of our project up-front without seeing the finished product and it's unfair to offer the same reward to someone who purchases the images after-the-fact.